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Organic cold pressed Clary Sage Seed Oil 

Product Description


Latin name: Salvia Sclarea


Origin: Russian Federation


Extraction: cold press



Package: 200 liter barrels

100%  pure and natural cold pressed seed oil directly from manufacturer

Cold pressed Clary Sage Seed Oil is a unique product which is patented in Israel as a source of Omega-3. In addition, it contains other beneficial elements, such as sterols and Q10. In comparison with fish oil it has a number of advantages:


- Clary Sage Seed Oil has high content of antioxidants that preserves more useful properties for much longer,
- no thermal treatment = better quality of the final product
- Clary Sage Seed Oil contains sclareol— very valuable antioxidant helping an organism to fight against cancer cells
- Clary Sage Seed Oil does not contain dioxines and allergens
- Clary Sage Seed Oil  is a vegetarian product,
- Clary Sage Seed Oil contains all three Omega-3 acids


Our Clary SageSeed Oil is duly certified by Kosher Russia with the support of the Chief Rabbinate of Russia under the leadership of the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berl Lazar.


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